ADA Wheel 50 Digital

Art: A00416

Electronic road measuring wheel ADA Wheel 50 Digital is the instrument for distance measurement. Road wheels are used in road building, in STSI, for planning and mapping, when measuring the distance of outside communication lines, for cadastral surveys.

ADA Wheel 50 Digital is a digital measuring instrument that is used for fast and accurate distance measurements in all weather conditions.  Replacing the measuring tape and mechanical measuring wheel it measures distances and displays the results in digital format.  A turn of the wheel is 50 cm. The quantity of turns is calculated with the help of electronic sensor. No gear-wheels and wearing pieces.

Results can be registered at the display and saved in the instrument memory. Telescopic handle unfolds very fast in operation condition. The handle is fixed with clips. Folded wheel is very convenient for transportation to work site.  It has a pulldown metal step plate for vertical positioning of the wheel during breaks. 

Measured values are saved in the instrument memory. It is possible to stored maximum 5 values.

Display of a road measuring wheel ADA Wheel 50 Digital  has a bright illumination. The illumination is necessary for operation at night, in the tunnels, closed ares (room).

Handle of the measuring wheel has notches for fingers. It provides you sure grip in the gloves. Handle doesn’t slip.


  • digital display with illumination on the handle
  • measurement and length storage in the memory, maximum 5 values
  • folding handle for convenient transportation and storage
  • ergonomic and stable design

Manual (pdf)

Maximum distance, cm 1000
Minimum distance, cm 10
Minimum counter step, cm 10
Wheel diameter. cm 15,9
Circular diameter. cm 50



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