Motor-driven auger ADA Ground Drill 12

Art: А00310

Motor-driven auger ADA Ground Drill 12 is the most powerful one in the series. It is equipped with a reliable four-cycle engine. In runs on AI-92 gas without oil additives. Using this auger, one can drill deep holes with a diameter of up to 400 mm for pier or pile foundations, water or industrial-use wells, planting trees, setting up the large poles and pillars, etc.

Manual (pdf)

Engine type four-cycle, air cooling
Engine capacity, cc 159
Engine power 5.5 hp (4,050 W) / 3,600 rpm
Fuel tank volume, L 1
Fuel AI-92 gasoline
Auger length, mm 800
Auger diameter, mm 300
Diameter of the drive shaft, mm 20
Weight, kg (no auger/with auger) 23,5

Motor-driven auger
Tool kit
Fuel can
Operating manual